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How AI Startup BroadBridge Networks Helps Security Teams Make Sense of Data Chaos

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON THE NVIDIA BLOG September 30, 2020 by TONY KONTZER Cybersecurity has grown into a morass. With increasingly hybrid computing environments, dispersed users accessing networks around the clock, and the Internet of Things creating more data than security teams have ever seen, organizations are throwing more security tools than ever at the problem. In fact,…
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Nvidia’s GTC event will shine a spotlight on AI startups

Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) kicks off Monday with a keynote speech by CEO Jensen Huang, who has led the company to a market value of $322 billion. The now virtual conference will highlight an ecosystem with millions of developers. Coincidentally, it will run alongside the DevSummit hosted by Arm, which Nvidia has agreed to buy for $40 billion. Among…
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Announcing Legion Edge Encryptor

BroadbridgeEncryptor_Release-092120Fremont, CA – September 21, 2020 – Broadbridge Networks announces commercial availability of Legion Edge Encryptor™, an affordable, plug-n-play Layer 2 network security appliance with line-rate AES-GCM encryption at speeds up to 100Gbit, meeting cryptographic requirements for securing traffic against quantum attacks on networks designated SECRET or TOP-SECRET. Legion Edge Encryptor™ provides point-to-point, or point-multipoint,…
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BroadBridge Networks Joins NVIDIA Inception

Fremont, CA—Feb 1, 2020— BroadBridge Networks, Inc. has accepted NVIDIA’s invitation to join the prestigious Inception Program, a tech accelerator designed to nurture startups revolutionizing industries with advancements in AI and data science. Inception provides BroadBridge Networks critical access to NVIDIA’s global ecosystem—a massive network of deep learning experts and thought leaders, as well as…
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Kx Technologies & BroadBridge Sign Strategic Partnership

London, UK (31 July 2018) –  Kx, a division of First Derivatives, today announced that its Kx technology has been selected by BroadBridge Networks to power its cybersecurity platform. Under the partnership, BroadBridge Networks can access the Kx technology stack to provide customers streaming analytics on network telemetry at previously unachievable scale and cost. BroadBridge…
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