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Announcing Legion Edge Encryptor

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Announcing Legion Edge Encryptor

BroadbridgeEncryptor_Release-092120Fremont, CA – September 21, 2020 – Broadbridge Networks announces commercial availability of Legion Edge Encryptor, an affordable, plug-n-play Layer 2 network security appliance with line-rate AES-GCM encryption at speeds up to 100Gbit, meeting cryptographic requirements for securing traffic against quantum attacks on networks designated SECRET or TOP-SECRET.

Legion Edge Encryptor provides point-to-point, or point-multipoint, encrypted network tunneling, securely joining multiple networks at unprecedented scale & performance. Legion Edge Encryptor easily integrates with current network infrastructure, providing transparent connectivity between local or remote hosts, regardless of the distance.

I’m extremely proud of the work we’ve done on Encryptor, it’s truly a zero-compromise solution,” says Broadbridge Principal Systems Architect Jonathan Flack, “but I’m most proud of the value we deliver.   Cyber adversaries never rest, so we’re excited to provide cost-effective, compliant MACsec solutions in support of NSA B-Suite & CNSA cryptography.”

Not only does the Legion Edge Encryptor offer more improved security & performance, it does so at half the CapEx cost.

Unlike IPsec based VPN solutions which secure the data itself, Legion Edge Encryptor employs Layer 2 MACsec, securing not only the data in transit, but the links themselves at the hardware level. Legion Edge Encryptor secures all traffic, including DHCP, ARP, as well as traffic from higher layer protocols.

Available options include Netflow based monitoring and graphical traffic analysis.

Legion Edge Encryptor is immediately available on Dell Virtual Edge Platform 1425, and 1445 supporting network speeds up to 10Gbit. Support for networks up to 100Gbit delivers September 29.

Detailed information is available online at www.broadbridgenetworks.com.

BroadBridge Networks, headquartered in Fremont, CA, develops ground-breaking cybersecurity solutions. Broadbridge Networks is a Dell OEM Partner and RedHat Public Sector ISV, and member of Nvidia’s prestigious Inception accelerator, nurturing startups revolutionizing industries with advancements in AI & data science.

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Datasheet: https://www.broadbridgenetworks.com/legion-edge-encryptor/

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