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Open Source

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Components for next-generation cybersecurity analytics

Broadbridge Networks would not be where it is today without the many years of effort of the Open Source development community.

We offer a number of solutions under the Apache 2.0 Open Source License.


Open Source Projects

Broadbridge Networks continues to help drive the community effort developing important scalable solutions for cyber security, together with partneers at Nvidia and Mellanox.

OpenUCX Go

Unified Communication X (UCX) provides an optimized communication layer for Message Passing (MPI), PGAS/OpenSHMEM libraries for shared memory mechanisms and inter-node communication.

Robust and comprehensive Go bindings.



goflowd is netflow probe like softflowd. It is written by golang. goflowd uses ietf-ipfix-psamp.yang standarized in RFC6728 data model for configuration. The yang model configuraiton is acheived by using openconfig/ygot.

Released under the Apache 2.0 License.